French fir
7 May 2018

Layered oak staves

In addition to the oak and french fir boards, we also produce a layered oak staves. Floors with a stave board are laid in a variety of patterns. Staves, unlike French fir, are not cut at an angle of 45 or 60°.

A full list of colors can be found here.
Dimensions Our offer includes oak planks with a length from 500 mm to 950 mm. Width of the stave layer usually does not exceed 100 mm.
Charakteristics The layered oak stave consists of a top noble layer of oak wood stuck to high-quality hardwood plywood. The Mazurska Deska layered oak stave is finished with hard oil waxes in accordance with our color range.

At the client's request, we produce a varnished or raw staves.
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